Token distribution

The basis of the Miner One business model is the Miner One (MIO) Token. Each MIO Token represents membership in the Miner One Community and a share in the output of the best crowdfunded bitcoin mining centres money can buy.

Miner One will be crowdfunded through the distribution of MIO Tokens during an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The maximum amount to be raised (the so-called “Hard Cap”) during the first Miner One Crowdsale shall be the equivalent in Ether (ETH) of USD 200 million. The minimum (so-called “Soft Cap”) shall be 3 million.

Eighty two (82) percent of MIO Tokens issued will be available for acquisition during the Crowdsale, which will last up to 90 days or until the Hard Cap is reached, if sooner. The remaining eighteen (18) percent of MIO Tokens will be reserved as follows: 2 percent for the ICO Bounty Program, 6 percent for Research & Development, and 10 percent for the Founding (Management) Team.

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