The Miner One “Cushion Effect”:
An Alternative to Bitcoin Speculation

Hardly any investment these days has been as profitable…or as risky…as investing into bitcoin (BTC). BTC prices have experienced quite a roller coaster ride over the past few months – one that is not likely to stop any time soon.

You want the benefits. But how to know when to buy in? If you buy in at 14,000 and it drops to 11,000 or 10,000, you’ve lost thousands.

Miner One has the solution. It lets you make money while insulating you from wild swings in BTC prices. It’s called the Miner One Cushion Effect and it is based on the difference between speculating in bitcoin and mining it.

If you simply buy bitcoin, your profit or loss depends on whether bitcoin goes up or down. If you mine bitcoin with Miner One, whether it’s worth 12,000 or 20,000, you still have more than what you started with.

Let’s say you put EUR 14,000 directly into bitcoin. And let’s say the value soon falls to 12,000, then maybe it rises to 17,000, but, by year’s end, it’s back down to 13,000. This scenario is not unlikely as speculators rush in and out of bitcoin while those who are serious try to gauge bitcoin’s real value without getting burned. By the end of the year, you’ve lost 1,000…and your nerves are probably shot!

On the other hand, the same EUR 14,000 invested into Miner One, even with such fluctuations in BTC prices, after one year can generate bitcoin worth up to EUR 4,000 (depending on exchange rate, mining difficulty, and other factors, of course). This “Cushion Effect” means you still come out ahead, enjoying a gain instead of lamenting a loss.

In fact, based on Miner One’s calculations, even if BTC falls to $1500–$2500, your investment in Miner One can still generate about a 10% profit per year. Because Miner One is mining, not buying.

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