Minus electricity Bill

Facilities, and Maintenance, including Maintenance Staff
No more than 4–5%, usually

MIO Token Holders

(Payout will be processed automatically through
Ethereum-based smart contract)


Reinvested into hardware

(Obtaining the newest mining hardware to
maintain the efficiency of each Miner One centre)

Sustainable generation of value for the Mine One Community is the number one goal of the Miner One project.

Upon commencement of mining operations, 77 percent of monthly net output (total output minus electricity, facility, and maintenance costs, including maintenance staff) will be converted to Ether (ETH) and automatically distributed to MIO Token Holders via Ethereum-based “smart contracts”. MIO Token Holders are free to do with these distributions as they wish.

The remaining 23 percent of monthly net output will be re-invested into new equipment to maintain the efficiency of Miner One mining centres.

Our experience in the data centre industry shows that the maximum life cycle of intensively-utilised computing equipment is effectively no more than 3–4 years. However, because mining cryptocurrency requires such processing power as results in higher power consumption and greater excess heat, we expect that the life cycle of the mining equipment will be a maximum of two years. By using 23 percent of monthly net output to renew each mining centre from day one, we will ensure the continuous efficiency of the mining facility as long as mining cryptocurrency remains financially viable. We estimate this may continue for at least another seven years.

Unusable or unprofitable equipment will be sold in the aftermarket or otherwise utilised. Received funds will be used to upgrade mining equipment.
We will be constantly monitoring markets and the latest developments in mining equipment and its utilisation to ensure the best possible mining options. We will configure and utilise mining equipment in such a way as to operate at maximum efficiency and profitability for the Miner One Community.

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