Monthly Payouts up to 13%

By acquiring Miner One’s MIO Tokens, you become a Member of the Miner One Community. This entitles you to a share in the output of all Miner One mining operations for as long as you own your MIO Tokens. Output is distributed to Community Members each and every month based on their share of MIO Tokens and is paid in ETH to every MIO Token Holder’s wallet using Ethereum-based “smart contracts”. You are free to do with your payouts as you wish. You can save them, convert them to other currencies, or use them to pay for purchases with your Miner One Debit Card.

Once mining begins, Miner One monthly payouts may be as high as 13 percent of the initial value of a Community Member’s MIO Tokens. This projection (and, please note, it is not a promise or a guarantee, but, rather, a good faith estimate) is based on a BTC price of USD 14,000, a difficulty level of 2,227,847,638,503, and monthly fluctuations in difficulty from -12% to +12%.

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