Miner One Update: With more than 4,000 backers ✅, soft cap achieved ✅, and 12,000,000+ MIO Tokens already sold ✅, Miner One is HAPPENING ? Are you ready for the Crypto Mining Revolution?

We bet you’ve read it over and over again in the news that if you had invested $1,000 in bitcoin on January 1, 2015, you would be sitting on a profit of $31,734.51 or 3,173.45% ROI today.

It’s easy to look back in hindsight and say “I should have bought bitcoin back then and held onto it”. But considering the wild price fluctuations, it takes nerves of steel and a lot of sleepless nights to hold onto your bitcoin for that long.

Never mind the average investor, even professional traders find it difficult to muster the willpower required for crypto-investing.

There Is a Better Way to Profit from the Bitcoin Boom…

It’s no secret that perhaps the best way to get bitcoin is simply to mine it. However, the technical difficulties and costs involved make it extremely difficult, if not downright impossible, for the average person to set up a profitable crypto mining operation.

And that’s without taking into account the price gouging happening in the market for miners, the inconvenience of the noise and heat generated by mining equipment, and the time required for constant maintenance and upkeep.

If you want to mine cryptocurrency on any larger scale, the complexities involved in setting up and maintaining such an operation rise exponentially. All of this makes the potentially most profitable method of owning cryptocurrency inaccessible to all but the most technically-savvy. And it makes this the perfect time to join Miner One. 

Even if you decide to tackle all the challenges and set up some miners at home, you would earn, on average, 37% more by being a Miner One Community Member than by doing it yourself. Miner One spends 50% less on electricity (from 100% GREEN sources) and 15% less on hardware.

Introducing Miner One:

What Happens When We Challenge an Enterprise Data Centre Veteran with 20+ Years of Experience to Design the World’s Most Profitable Crypto Mining Infrastructure?

Miner One is a cutting-edge, crowdfunded cryptocurrency mining operation built and managed by a team of data centre industry experts led by industry veteran CEO Pranas Slušnys. Pranas has been building and installing advanced data centres for the last 20 years. He knows how to optimize them for maximum performance and profit. He has done it many times already. His industry experience and know-how is your guarantee that Miner One’s efficiency and profitability will be unrivaled in the world.

This is your chance to invest in and claim a share of the output from the world’s largest and most profitable crypto mining operation… for as long as you own MIO Tokens!

Why Investing in Miner One Tokens is a Better Choice than Buying Bitcoin:

  1. Passive Income with Up to 13% Monthly Payouts*: Each month you get your share of what Miner One mines for as long as you own your MIO Tokens.
  2. Cushioning Bitcoin Volatility: Even if BTC drops, your investment in Miner One can still generate returns. Read more about the Miner One “Cushion Effect” & “Multiplier Effect” below on this page.
  3. Lifetime Token: MIO Tokens are valid for the life of the project – as long as mining remains profitable.
  4. Ultra-Low-Cost Electricity: At 6.5 eurocents/kWh, Miner One will have the lowest electricity rates in Europe
  5. Best Location – Sweden: Luleå, Sweden is ideal in terms of low-cost, 100 percent green electricity and a stable supply as well as its Northern climate that keeps equipment cool. Miner One will have a famous neighbor, Facebook, which runs one of its largest data centres from this town.
  6. Industry Experts: Miner One is managed by leading data centre industry experts who have the experience and technical expertise to run this infrastructure at scale.
  7. Ongoing Upgrades: 23 percent of net output will be reinvested into new equipment to keep Miner One as profitable as possible.

Download Miner One Investor Presentation

Request your access to the Miner One Investor Presentation and get a special invitation to purchase MIO Tokens at discounted rates unavailable to the general public.

The Miner One “Cushion Effect”: An Alternative to Bitcoin Speculation

Hardly any investment these days has been as profitable…or as risky…as investing into bitcoin (BTC). BTC prices have experienced quite a roller coaster ride over the past few months – one that is not likely to stop any time soon.

You want the benefits. But how to know when to buy in? If you buy in at 14,000 and it drops to 11,000 or 10,000, you’ve lost thousands.

Miner One has the solution. It lets you make money while insulating you from wild swings in BTC prices. It’s called the Miner One Cushion Effect and it is based on the difference between speculating in bitcoin and mining it.

If you simply buy bitcoin, your profit or loss depends on whether bitcoin goes up or down. If you mine bitcoin with Miner One, whether it’s worth 12,000 or 20,000, you still have more than what you started with.

Let’s say you put EUR 14,000 directly into bitcoin. And let’s say the value soon falls to 12,000, then maybe it rises to 17,000, but, by year’s end, it’s back down to 13,000. This scenario is not unlikely as speculators rush in and out of bitcoin while those who are serious try to gauge bitcoin’s real value without getting burned. By the end of the year, you’ve lost 1,000…and your nerves are probably shot!

On the other hand, the same EUR 14,000 invested into Miner One, even with such fluctuations in BTC prices, after one year can generate bitcoin worth up to EUR 4,000 (depending on exchange rate, mining difficulty, and other factors, of course). This “Cushion Effect” means you still come out ahead, enjoying a gain instead of lamenting a loss.

In fact, based on Miner One’s calculations, even if BTC falls, your investment in Miner One can still generate returns. Because Miner One is mining, not buying.

Secret to Better Bitcoin Investing: The Miner One Multiplier

You’ve heard about the Miner One Cushion Effect: how an investment in Miner One bitcoin (BTC) mining can cushion BTC price volatility. We’ve seen some wild swings in BTC prices lately, and we’ve already shown you how, even if BTC prices fall, Miner One can still mine profitably.

Now let’s talk about some more optimistic scenarios…and how the “Miner One Multiplier” gives you more bitcoin.

Let’s suppose the price of one BTC settles around $14,000. You decide the time is right to take that leap and invest into BTC. Not to get crazy or anything, you buy 1 BTC at $14,000 and decide to HODL (“hold it”) for the next three years.

You have a friend who is also interested in BTC. But rather than following your example and buying BTC, he finds out about the Miner One Multiplier and decides on Miner One, instead.

Your friend puts $14,000 into Miner One MIO Tokens. Like you, settles on a three-year HODL strategy: whatever payouts he gets from Miner One, he keeps in cryptocurrency for the next three years (Miner One payouts are in ETH, so let’s assume he converts them immediately into BTC).

Now, let’s look at the Miner One Multiplier in action. Here are a few possible BTC price scenarios:

REALISTIC: Over the next three years, BTC price goes up from $14,000 to $30,000. You have gained $16,000. Your friend, on the other hand, (remember: he is not buying BTC, but mining it with Miner One) has $100,000.

NEUTRAL: Three years go by and BTC price has stayed roughly stable at around $14,000. You have ZERO GAINS. Your friend, on the other hand (the one mining with Miner One), comes out ahead with about $66,000!

OPTIMISTIC: After three years, your BTC has increased in value from $14,000 to $100,000. You’re feeling great. You’ve made $86,000…and you’re ready to order that Jaguar. Your friend (remember him? the one who is mining with Miner One), at the end of the same period, cashes out with $241,000…and is choosing the colour of his new Lamborghini.

Same initial investment. Same strategy. That’s the Miner One Multiplier. Add to that the effects of our current discount, and you’ve got an even better bitcoin investment!

Download Miner One Investor Presentation

Request your access to the Miner One Investor Presentation and get a special invitation to purchase MIO Tokens at discounted rates unavailable to the general public.

We look forward to welcoming you on board as a member of the Miner One Community.

You can also access the Miner One ROI Calculator or Download the Whitepaper for details about our Business Model, Roadmap, and information about the Miner One Team.

If you have any questions or need any help, we invite you to contact our friendly Community Support Team.

What Some Miner One Community Members Are Saying…

MIO is really great. In just first 2 hours you already sold 1 million tokens. – Jaycee

This project has one of the best legal clarity I have seen. You guys are doing great!
– Aarzee

The ICO concept is great.– Isaac

Thanks a lot guys! Miner One Team has been one of the best I’ve seen so far. – EJ

*Disclaimer: All examples and illustrations are based on good faith estimates by Miner One and should not be considered a promise or a guarantee, nor an offer to purchase or sell securities. For detailed estimates and calculations, please see the Miner One White Paper at www.MinerOne.io

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